1. Get a referral from a friend.

    If possible, talk to a friend that has used a criminal defense attorney in the past and has gotten good results. At Devitt & Saltzburg 70% of our business comes from word of mouth due to satisfied clients. With over 13 years daily courtroom experience, James Devitt knows the law, most of the Judges and he can lead you through the legal jungle.

  2. If that is not possible, interview several attorneys that are known for getting results.

    Before choosing an attorney, it is a good idea to meet with several. Trust is key. He or she should be able to hear you out, review your case and tell you what the probable outcome at Court will be. If an attorney tries to scare you by telling you that without hiring him/her you will go to jail, he/she may be just trying to hit you up for a big retainer fee. We will try to calm you down and will explain that there are usually alternatives to going to jail.

  3. Select an attorney that will answer your calls and not pass you off to one of their associates.

    Some attorneys will take your retainer fee and you will never see them again. Instead, they will send another attorney to Court. Results may not be as good since this attorney will not know you or the facts of your case and may not be as experienced as the other attorney. At the law offices of Devitt & Saltzburg, Mr. Devitt goes to nearly every Court appearance personally and always takes or returns client phone calls the same day.