If you or a family member has been arrested for a sex crime, you need to call us now. This is one of the most serious crimes you can be convicted of, and a conviction could follow you around for the rest of your life.

Mr. Devitt will fight hard for you if you are innocent.

If need be he will go to trial fully prepared.

Sex crimes in California used to be quite restrictive, including making sodomy a crime. It is no longer a crime to engage in a homosexual act, but there are still many sex crimes left on the books prohibiting types of sexual conduct, mainly directed at age of the parties and “consent”.

Statutory rape is when both parties consent but one is under the age of consent, (18 is the “age of consent” in California).

California was the first to create a sex offender registry back in 1947 to help police. Of course, no one wants to be on “Megan‘s list”, but how do you prevent it? By taking immediate action!

If you are not guilty Mr. Devitt will make sure that all evidence is collected that is in your favor, (sometimes the police “forget” to collect evidence favorable to you) and then he will try to get the case dismissed before you have to go to court.

If that is not possible then he will be prepared as possible to get the jury to see your side. In 23 years, James has only lost 1 jury trial in a criminal case while winning acquittals or getting “hung juries” in over 50 other cases. Once a jury says “not guilty” you can never be tried for that same crime again. (Double jeopardy rule)

If the evidence is overwhelming (i.e. DNA, etc.), Mr. Devitt may be able to get the District Attorney to reduce the case to another, less serious offense like “lewd acts” where you will not have to register as a sex offender.

Mr. Devitt‘s has handles numerous sexual battery and rape case including several that were featured on the TV show Dateline NBC “To Catch a Predator.” None of his clients went to jail.

Whether you or your loved one has been arrested for rape, oral copulation, sexual battery, prostitution, pimping, child molestation or another of the more than 100 laws relating to sex in California, you should take immediate steps to get the best attorney you can afford before evidence disappears or is destroyed, witnesses are lost or memories fade. Call us now, 24/7 we are always here for you.