In California the crimes of Prostitution, Solicitation and Pandering are illegal. These are serious offenses that carry life-changing consequences.

Prostitution law makes it a crime to offer, agree to or engage in sexual activity for money. In California, the customer as well as the prostitute as aggressively prosecuted.

First time offenses are normally charged as misdemeanors while subsequent offenses may be charged as felonies.

Whether he/she advertises as a Call Girl, an Escort, or a Masseuse, exchanging money for sexual activities is prostitution!

However, one of the defenses may be entrapment. In California, for example, the Los Angeles Police Department wlll send out "decoy" officers to pose as prostitutes. These undercover cops look for "johns" to engage in conversation and to ultimately arrest for soliciting illegal sex.

Under California law, entrapment only refers to situations where a law-abiding person is coerced into committing a crime that he/she otherwise would not have. If the officer simply offered sex in exchange for money, her conduct wouldn't rise to the level of entrapment. If, however, she appealed to his ego and used flattery to get him to put up the cash, he could claim that he was entrapped. If the conversation was recorded, the specifics of the conversatlon will be important. The penalties and consequences for these types of sexual crimes can be serious and include Jail, Fines & Fees, Court-Enforced Counseling, AIDS Testing, Community Service, etc.