If you are arrested the first thing you need to remember is you have the right to remain silent (Miranda v. Arizona (1966) 384 US 436). The only think you have to tell a police officer is your name. Never admit anything! A confession is usually the most difficult aspect of any attorneys case.

On the other hand, don't lie. Lying to the police is illegal, though ironically, it is legal for the police to lie to you, and they do it all the time as part of their "interrogation techniques." They will tell you that if you just admit the crime you can go home. Do not believe it! They may want you to "snitch" on your co-defendant to get a "better deal." Never do this without a lawyer advising you.

If it is a serious crime and you have the money, you should post bail unless you will be brought to Court within a short time. The Judge may lower you bail or let you go "O.R." (On you own recognizance or promise to appear). Call us to get a discount on bail or to tell you if you even need to post bail.